AMCS Waste Management Software - Hauler Magazine - July Issue


AMCS' Waste Management Software is featured on the cover of this month's Hauler Magazine -

INCREASE YOUR OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY WITH AMCS’ WASTE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: AMCS offers a cloud-based software solution to manage your entire waste business. Manage your business from the sales process to the collection of receivables, and get an in-depth analysis of every aspect that contributes to your bottom line. OPERATIONAL ACCOUNTING: Get all your customers with route and pricing data in a simple, but comprehensive system. With all routes and services linked to the individual customer pricing, all services get invoiced quickly and accurately. Complete Accounts Receivable management includes: collections module, credit card acceptance, and recurring billing and payment processing. FLEET OPERATIONS: Track all of your customers, jobs, trucks and services that need to be performed along each route. View live service data all in one place to improve customer service, operations and productivity of each vehicle.

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